Hinged Patio Door Handle Extender, Distressed Bronze

Part Number: 2573787

Handle Extender, Distressed Bronze Finish (1999 to Present)
Hinged Patio Door Handle Extender, Distressed Bronze
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Works With: 
400 Series Frenchwood® Hinged
400 Series Frenchwood® Outswing
Color: Distressed Bronze
Distressed Bronze
Product Description
Distressed bronze finish handle extender for Frenchwood® hinged patio door, Frenchwood® outswing patio door and 200 series inswing patio door trim sets. Each extender adds one inch to the distance between the door handle and the door panel. The extender is often used when space is needed for window treatments. A longer spindle(s) is necessary to accomodate the extender. The standard spindle length is 3 3/4". If using one extender a 4 3/4" spindle is necessary. If using two extenders a 5 3/4" spindle is necessary.
The distressed bronze finish has copper highlights developed in the distressing process. This process provides the rugged and aged appearance. Distressed bronze is an unprotected finish that will change and vary depending on usage and environmental conditions. Handling and frequent use create the bronze patina that is the hallmark of the distressed bronze finish.
This handle extender may be used for handle sets offered 1999 to present. Handles manufactured prior to 1999 are not compatible. Replacing the interior handle will be necessary if extender is used.

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