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Casement Sash

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Sash, White Color, High-Performance Low-E4® Glass, Size C14

Part Number: 1337830

Andersen® replacement sash in white color is clad with low-maintenance Perma-Shield®. Our current High-Performance Low-E4® glass replaces previous versions of High-Performance Low-E glass offerings and provides outstanding overall performance. This sash fits clad units manufactured 1966 to present. Visible glass dimensions are 19 3/4 inches wide by 43 3/16 inches high.
Stationary replacement sash will require installation clips. Select and purchase the appropriate installation clip package from the related items list for the year of manufacture.

View our helpful sash installation videos:
Stationary Sash Installation Video
Operating Sash Installation Video

Works With: 
Color: White

Dry Lubricant Spray

Product Id: 2903608

White Touch-up Paint 1/2 oz

Product Id: 2955932

White Aerosol Spray Paint 13 oz

Product Id: 2955708

Dry Lubricant Spray White Touch-up Paint 1/2 oz White Aerosol Spray Paint 13 oz
Dry Lubricant Spray (Image may not reflect actual product)
Touch-up Paint, White
Aerosol Spray Paint, White

Stationary Sash Clip Package

Product Id: 1359410

Casement Sash Clip Package

Product Id: 1359408

Stationary Sash Clip Package Casement Sash Clip Package  
Stationary Sash Installation Clip Package - 1995 to 1998
Casement Stationary Sash Installation Clip Package, 1966-1995 and 1999-Present

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